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“Scripting” an article is like spicing a dish!

You’ve probably noticed that while we are analyzing the Informational Era and the social media effects, little children are uploading videos on YouTube, making tons of money with their creativity. Well, soon more and more business owners will decide that they want not only articles but also videos. Now the best thing for you would be to do what we call “scripting” an article. In other words – making the ground structure stable, functional and attractive.

If the article that already exists as a script for an interesting video is more explanatory you can arrange the information in a simpler manner and ad some sentences that sound almost as good as a mottos. They will make the content more viral. If you want to shake things up a little you can add humor but don’t overspice it…Remember what your goal is…

In the end, you want your message to get through as many people as possible. If you want you can add a little sketch or an intrigue that will make it more commercial. Use your imagination and make the article vital.


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