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10 ways to miss your flight

viral article

Viral article

“What could possible go wrong?” some might say… You booked your hotel room, your flight, you fed the fish, and you shipped the kids and the dog off to your parents. Of course, your parents weren’t too happy about it, so everything is going according to your plan. Your neighbor is finally going to steal your newspaper without sneaking. The sneaking didn’t work anyway. Now, when you’ve just thought that you are going to be the happiest person on Earth and you have it all…Think about any of the following situations. Does it sound familiar to you?

1. Where is the passport?

At the beginning you are 100% sure that your passport is in your pocket. Well, it’s not. It just disappeared,but don’t worry. You’re going to find the passport months later while cleaning up your place.

2. You are locked up in the WC

H-e-e-e-e-l-p! Nobody?! Probably the music in the toilet is too loud and kills your shouts. And the radio is playing Madonna, right?

3. Your alarm clock is not set properly

You knew you shouldn’t go to the party last night. Now it’s too late and the best thing you can do is to
promise not to do this mistake in the future. Sometimes time is our worst enemy. So, be prepared to
fight with the minutes for your flight.

4. Traffic jam

You don’t see any cabs, so you start walking down the street. Finally, you find a cab, but then out of
nowhere the traffic becomes horrific. As you get more nervous, the driver starts shouting out of the
window curses in language you don’t understand. What if you have taken a bus? Not a chance to
arrive on time at all. Why do you think there are so many people sleeping at the plane station? Duh!

5. Meeting the love of your life at the airport

You know “falling in love at first sight” is a cliche, but 10 years later you are married to her, have two
kids, and plan to spend your life with her. What a great chance to miss a flight!

6. Horoscope

Your horoscope says that you shouldn’t fly today? Then you start doing good luck rituals in order to
prevent an eventual plane crash and at the end… you miss your flight. Sometimes it is better to take
your chances, no matter how dangerous your horoscope might look like…. It could actually be a

7. Bad Weather

Flights are quite often cancelled due to bad weather, so one thing you could do is to take your raincoat or your umbrella when you go to the airport. Getting wet and missing a flight at the same time sounds double miserable, don’t you think?

8. Strike

“Pilots on strike?! I’m going to miss my flight”. Well, it’s not the end of the world, but it doesn’t sound very optimistic for your departure. You have heard something on the TV yesterday, something about pilots demanding a raise, but you didn’t pay much attention. Anyway, you are not a pilot, you are a passenger…

9. You look exactly like the guy they are looking for.

Some policemen come up and ask you to follow them. You think to yourself: “What is my ex girlfriend up to?” It turns out that you look exactly like the guy they’ve been looking for months. After 12 hours of listening to the story of your life, the detective is finally convinced that you’re not the guy they were looking for. Well their “Sorry” is not going to get your vacation back.

10. Your boss is depressed

You’re almost at the door, ready to call a cab to the airport, when your boss says “I feel terrible, I’m two blocks away from your house, and I’m coming over”. Are you going to let your dream job slip away just because of a couple of days of fun? Who needs that when you can work all day for the salary that will soon seem to be far less from what you deserve? At least you will have a depressed boss to comfort all the time.

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