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Scriptwriting service includes video script writing, screenplay writing, speech writing as well as e-script writing. FabWriting’s creative copywriters will develop exactly what you’ve imagined. As professional writers we are the best in storytelling. We can create the plot and the structure of your script. We can pick up for you only the freshest fruits & […]

How to Write Catchy Headlines

The headlines are probably the most important part of your copy. They have to tease your readers. The headlines are the sparkle of your article, they have to be catchy. Most copywriters write the headlines last, because then they know exactly what to synthesize in their headline, and most importantly, how to make it eye […]


Putting the right words in the right place is the same as putting puzzle pieces together. You must have the whole picture in your mind in order to do it the right way. Copywriters are good communicators due to their ability to convert vision into words which emphasize on the benefits of a product or […]

Creative writing

Our team has fearless imagination. As professional writers we love surfing the waves of our boundless imagination and explore the depths of creative writing.  Our services include viral content writing, scriptwriting, writing a fact, fiction or business book, autobiographies and short stories, ghost-writing,  magazine articles, press releases,  and many more. Creativity is the game that […]

SEO Copywriting

Looking for high-skilled copywriters offering quality and unique SEO content, designed to rank your website up to the top in the Google “charts”? SEO copywriting is the optimization process of web content through writing genuine content and placing keywords that feeds the search engines and readers with information related to the website. Search engines rank […]