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Call it a “homerun” for the magic number!


Copywriting's magic number

A couple of decades ago the psychologists proved the theory that a person manages to comprehend not more than 3 different things at a time. Our eyes manage to scan through 3 paragraphs and remember 3 important things at a time.

This magical number works very well for your articles.

Try to write simple sentences. Write short paragraph, not more than 3 in one article. The best would be if you write 3 sentences in one paragraph, 3 paragraphs in an article, sharing not more than 3 things with the audience through those paragraphs.

If you want you can try and write a couple of articles in this magical system and put share it with your friends and colleagues. Try to gather as much feedback as you can and ask everyone if they remember the three important things you’ve shared with them and if it was easy for them to comprehend the information.

The results will be amazing.

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