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Viral content

The word “viral” has become very popular these days. You are going to hear it more and more often as it becomes a primary term in our fast-pacing, marketing-reliant world. In our case, the word “viral” refers to a phenomenon that can be a pattern, a buzzword, a video or even an idea that spreads […]

10 ways to miss your flight

What could possible go wrong?” some might say… You booked your hotel room, your flight, you fed the fish, and you shipped the kids and the dog off to your parents. Of course, your parents weren’t too happy about it, so everything is going according to your plan. Your neighbor is finally going to steal […]

Product naming

If you want to increase your sales you should know that words are a powerful instrument. With the right words you can influence people and convince them that you are selling them not only something they want but something they need. In order to do so, you’ll need to know a couple of things. For […]

The WOW song!

Let’s take “wonderful words” as a copywriting metaphor, or shortly “WOW”. I know it sounds a little bit sappy, but as I said it is a metaphor. A metaphor for a song that triggers positive emotions. Inspiration, for example. Now imagine that this song is a good copy? But how could a good copy turn […]

“Scripting” an article is like spicing a dish!

You’ve probably noticed that while we are analyzing the Informational Era and the social media effects, little children are uploading videos on YouTube, making tons of money with their creativity. Well, soon more and more business owners will decide that they want not only articles but also videos. Now the best thing for you would […]

They are not that many

Me and my partner have both published our books and stage plays before we started working as copywriters. We knew from the beginning that people – our readers and clients – must come first. That’s why we don’t base our articles only on SEO-optimization. We are not “keyword freaks”. We want to make our articles […]

Call it a “homerun” for the magic number!

A couple of decades ago the psychologists proved the theory that a person manages to comprehend not more than 3 different things at a time. Our eyes manage to scan through 3 paragraphs and remember 3 important things at a time. This magical number works very well for your articles. Try to write simple sentences. […]

When copywriting gets you there…

What do we do after we’ve achieved high-in-the-clouds Google rating, accomplished an increase in our sales and started shining among our target group? Now, ding-ding, here is where it gets tricky… Do we stop writing articles and uploading content? The answer is  NO! Now, when you’ve accomplished your goals and you’ve wiped out the competition […]

Editing other people’s work

Editing other people’s work is a learning process and also learning IN process. Every time you edit someone else’s work you learn new things. Editing is not only finding grammar mistakes in someone’s paper it’s also capturing the idea that went through that person’s mind and the knowledge someone else has gathered and summarized for […]

Our defective perception of brainstorming – ineffective! We need new ideas!

Last year I read an article on CBS News that revealed some results of the analysis of some academics in Texas. I was really amazed that my own observations that I made in high school came up to be quite correct. When I was a young teenager all of my teachers used to say that […]