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Scriptwriting Articles

You’ve probably watched TV shows, movies, and you’ve probably played a video game as well. Well, all forms of visual screen entertainment have been sort of scriptwritten before you’ve watched them or played them.

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“Scripting” an article is like spicing a dish!

You’ve probably noticed that while we are analyzing the Informational Era and the social media effects, little children are uploading videos on YouTube, making tons of money with their creativity. Well, soon more and more business owners will decide that they want not only articles but also videos. Now the best thing for you would […]

Editing other people’s work

Editing other people’s work is a learning process and also learning IN process. Every time you edit someone else’s work you learn new things. Editing is not only finding grammar mistakes in someone’s paper it’s also capturing the idea that went through that person’s mind and the knowledge someone else has gathered and summarized for […]

Our defective perception of brainstorming – ineffective! We need new ideas!

Last year I read an article on CBS News that revealed some results of the analysis of some academics in Texas. I was really amazed that my own observations that I made in high school came up to be quite correct. When I was a young teenager all of my teachers used to say that […]

Copy + Paste = No solution!

You are probably wondering how articles can improve the quality of your website. You’ve already spent a large amount of money on the unique design and functionality of the website. You’ve written your representative information about the goods or services that you offer and no one is calling and ordering. The truth is that the […]


Scriptwriting service includes video script writing, screenplay writing, speech writing as well as e-script writing. FabWriting’s creative copywriters will develop exactly what you’ve imagined. As professional writers we are the best in storytelling. We can create the plot and the structure of your script. We can pick up for you only the freshest fruits & […]