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Editing other people’s work

Editing in copywriting

Editing improves copywriting

Editing other people’s work is a learning process and also learning IN process. Every time you edit someone else’s work you learn new things. Editing is not only finding grammar mistakes in someone’s paper it’s also capturing the idea that went through that person’s mind and the knowledge someone else has gathered and summarized for you.

Of course, when you edit the paper you make it better for those who will read it afterwards. Being the first one to read it is a tremendous responsibility and also a blessing.
If you don’t feel capable of editing on your own you can also give the work to a co-editor who will take a look at it after you. Don’t be afraid of working on it in a team, it’s only going to cultivate the paper and make it even better. Don’t worry if you’ve already published it and you find something that needs to be changed…If it’s published on the web change it, it won’t affect your rating.

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