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We’ve all seen the button “read more” on the bottom of a headline in the websites. The question is “Do we want to read more?” or in your case “How do we make people want to read more?”  Now, that’s the question we’ve been wondering on for years. What makes people interested in our work? Well, first of all knowing how to make every topic interesting is a talent a few people have, however, there are a few tricks that we’ve learned along the way and I’ll be glad to share them with you.

One of the things that trigger your target group is the intrigue… Using metaphors in the headline is always a good way to start. Another way to make your article more appealing is with a challenge. People have always wanted to be challenged. Give them something revolutionary, new or fantastic and they’ll be literary pulled towards what you have to say…

Make sure you keep the suspense and the intrigue till the end of the article, because if your readers get bored of one article they’ll never come back to read anything you have to say ever again… So make sure you keep up with your own pace before you join the big league.

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