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Our defective perception of brainstorming – ineffective! We need new ideas!

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Last year I read an article on CBS News that revealed some results of the analysis of some academics in Texas. I was really amazed that my own observations that I made in high school came up to be quite correct. When I was a young teenager all of my teachers used to say that brainstorming in a group is one of the best methods of team collaboration. I felt in my gut that this is not really true and today I’ll give you some of my thoughts on the subject.

As it was mentioned in the article in CBS News it is more likely that people can be much more productive when they brainstorm on their own rather than in a group. If you want you can do the following experiment on your own… First pick a project to work on with colleagues and friends. Gather all together and start brainstorming. Allow everyone to give their thoughts and ideas. See what happens after an hour of brainstorming… Probably most will be bored, depressed or annoyed because their idea is not accepted. After this long day of ineffectiveness you’ll  be tired and demotivated. Go home, rest and gather all together again tomorrow. This time, start working on the same project but in a slightly different way… Brainstorm on your own… That’s right, everyone should separate from one another and brainstorm on their own. After a couple of hours of brainstorming and motivating yourself, you’ll see how refreshed you feel and how easy it is to join the group with a positive attitude. Everyone should share their ideas and vote for the best one in an absolutely democratic manner. You’ll be amazed how effective the teamwork could be after you do this experiment.

As a copywriter I can guarantee you that this brainstorming method really works.  In copywriting being creative, full of ideas is very important. When you’ve come up with the idea you’ve done about 60% of the job.


Good luck with the brainstorming!

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