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Product naming

If you want to increase your sales you should know that words are a powerful instrument. With the right words you can influence people and convince them that you are selling them not only something they want but something they need. In order to do so, you’ll need to know a couple of things. For one thing, there’s the psychological barrier, which many can’t pass. What do I mean by psychological barrier?

Well for instance I read in a book called “100 Great Copywriting ideas” that in the coffee shop “Bird and Carter” the lattes and cappuccinos came in two sizes “short” and “tall”, and even though many would ask for a “large” latte, the female customers felt happier when they order a “tall” drink rather than a “large” one. It turns out that they subconsciously make their decision in association with its effect on their figure.

Another good example that was given in the book was the one about the training courses. For instance if you call your course level “Basic”, “Advanced” it is more likely that people won’t respond well to “basic”, most of them would think “I’m not basic, so why should I attend a basic course”, however if you call your course “Introduction to…” or “The fundamentals of…” it is much more likely that you will get a good reaction to the latter. Basically, titles are quite important. Obviously your product stays the same, but the way you introduce it to people is what makes them cling. In the end it’s the name that sells. People don’t make their decision on the quality of the product, because they don’t really know what it is at first. The first thing they learn about it is the name. If you want your product to succeed on the market, boring descriptive tittles won’t do.

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